Little Things Local Mission

Little Things Local is a blogsite operated by a New Zealand based writer dedicated to providing articles, reviews and inspiration on all things in your region.

As a writer, a huge portion of our work hits the ‘cutting floor’ meaning, an editor has decided it will not make it to print.  So what happens with all that information now?  Our work deserves to see the light.

LTL recognised the need for these articles to still be published in some form creating a platform for businesses, people and events to share their stories online.

As a reader, whether you are looking for a new eatery to try, adventure to attempt or community focused story to inspire, LTL endeavours to become a one-stop-shop for any information you need in your local area.

If you would like your company to be reviewed, a press release, feature, profile or an article written to promote your business online, Little Things Local are more than happy to discuss giving your business some professional journalist attention.


All works on this site are copywrite by the author.  Any takings of works must attribute the writer on your publication.


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