GO&C: Whoa! Studios

I was inundated with questions following my snapchat posts over the weekend as to “Where/What is this place? I need to go!” so I thought I better provide some information on this awesome venue because it is a must see if you have kids.


Whoa! studios is an interactive park located at 8 Henderson Valley Road, West Auckland that showcases a park, theatre shows, fully serviced restaurant with bar, ice creamery and coffee. For $10 kids can play on the urban playground all day which features movie set inspirations such as the Rocket ship, mission control, Dragons castle and Pirates cove.

Everything moves, bounces and slides making it so much fun for the littlies. Our kids played for four hours straight with no complaints. The standout creative feature of the park is the hand crafted crochet net by Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam. There are swings attached, nooks and crannies to climb through and its bright colours can be spotted driving down the road.

Playzone_Overview_wideThe set up is probably THE most attractive thing about the park as it allows parents to sit around the edge of the park, order food and drinks and talk the day away. Pricings of food and drink is on the more expensive side but if you get a chance, try the tasty cocktail “The Great” made with gin, cucumber and charcoal.   Definitely tastes better than it sounds!


If you are looking for a peaceful relaxing restaurant to dine in, my advice is don’t pick this one. Whoa! Studios is kids orientated so it is noisy, there are kids running and crying everywhere and that’s just the way it is. Kids come first here and therefore I didn’t feel bad when my kid had a strop.

Throughout the year you can book to see ever-changing shows. Shows are larger than life and ‘muppets’ inspired and if you buy online to get a 35% discount. Kids under 3 are free.  Currently the show on offer is a slapstick comedy called “Gloomio the Great”.


This venue definitely fits into my “ Best of the West” ( I love all things West side!) and is a homage to the great film industryo of West Auckland. Get a group together for a play date and go and see Whoa! as soon as you can.

To get there take the North Western motorway (16) heading west then take the Lincoln Road exit.  Follow Lincoln road all the way down then turn right onto Henderson Valley Road near Westfield mall.



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