EAT @ Cuppacakes

Cuppacakes was born out of a local’s passion for baking amazing cupcakes.  Ashley Adams first started making her cakes as a hobby and then progressed to supplying them to the public out of the Tikipunga golf club.

Her popularity quickly grew hence the new location on John Street amongst a trio of other young local business owners clothing store Wore n Piece and The nailroom boutique.

The decor of the store is light, cute and welcoming with refreshing quotes everywhere to get you inspired for the day.  Cuppacakes on average sells around 300 cupcakes a day and also makes cakes to order for special occasions.


Their biggest hit has always been the Snickers but my personal favorite is the white chocolate and blueberry.  Ashley also has a range of standard coffees to order, milkshakes, doughnuts, fudge and other sweet treats.

Cupcakes are reasonably priced between $4 and $6 and it makes a great date out with your little ones.

Location: 4 John Street, Whangarei


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