BAD STAYS – Ahipara Beachfront Accommodation

Located at the top of the North Island about five hours north of Auckland is the beautiful seaside village known as Ahipara.

We were brought to this area for a friends wedding which was right next door to the accommodation, the main reason we chose this spot.   Our room cost us $175 for two people which I thought was quite pricey.

If I can just rewind a bit here, we did try to cancel our booking a week prior as cheaper accommodation came up and were told unless he could not fill the room in the next week he would charge us full price, a bit strange as I thought standard fees were within 48 hours notice.  I also noticed in the room  they had an even further 30 day cancellation policy in which they would charge you %25 of the room fee, harsh.

On arrival we were met by the owner who was quick to take our money and also felt the need to keep pointing out if we had someone else stay it would be an extra cost.  The room however was stunning.  Absolute beachfront with doors opening out into the main room and the second bedroom.  Two bathrooms and a functioning kitchenette.  No complaints from me at that stage on the price as I thought it was well worth what I was seeing.

We asked the owner if it was ok if the bride could get ready in our room to which him and his lovely wife said sure no problem.  We spent the afternoon getting our girl ready, a few extra girls popped over, we had some pre drinks and then went to the wedding.  Whilst we were getting ready one of our bathrooms ran out of toilet paper straight away as from what I could see there was only one roll.  We searched high and low in that bathroom for any extras, I wasn’t fussed and thought I’ll just use the other bathroom.

The wedding went off without a hitch and we had a fabulous night next door and thought there would be no issue with our friends that had originally started with us to use our toilet if they needed, that was three extra girls.

Check out time comes and I notice, this man is really not interested in anything I have to say and quite dismissive of me, anytime I spoke he would seemingly switch off and bring his attention back to my friend.

We stop for breakfast on the way out of Ahipara and then receive the call that put a huge buzz-kill on our whole weekend.  The owner said we owed him $40 for a bottle of wine and three beers that were taken and we used six rolls of toilet paper and we need to come back and pay for it.    We immediately went into WHOAH.

Now, after wracking our brains for some time we assumed that sh*t?!  We must have accidently loaded all the hotel alcohol into our chilly bin from the fridge along with our own not thinking and taken it to the wedding.  The three beers however did not make sense as my friend does not drink Steinlager (which comes in a very identifying green bottle) and we could only recall one beer in there.  The man was livid though, so do we dare even argue or question him?

We arrived back to the hotel to what I can only describe as a face like thunder.  He immediately launched into a tirade of us using six rolls of toilet paper and accusing us of using the room as a public toilet.  I said “excuse me there was no toilet paper in my toilet” to which he snapped “yes there was!  Come with me” and marched us into the room like four year old children.

He proceeded to show us where he normally kept the toilet paper to which I argued there most definitely was not.  He was cutting me off at this stage anytime I opened my mouth and I wasn’t allowed to say anything in our defence.  He then proceeded to show us where the other toilet paper was in the other bathroom to which we said “yes,we used that”.

Firstly, is this a joke?  Am I on some hidden camera show because why  are we even standing here answering as to why we used toilet paper for a room  we paid $175 for?

“Was the toilet paper for show?  Were we not allowed to use it?”  I said.  He then proceeded to start going through our empty alcohol bottles trying to point out what was ours and his to which we said “look we accept we may have drunk the provided alcohol”.  He then proceeds to show us his outdoor furniture pillows that had got wet overnight in the rain and now he will have to dry them.

By this stage I am really struggling to keep my cool here and snapped at him “I did not come here for a lecture, we just want to pay the extra money and go”.

By this stage I am in absolute shock that this is even happening, does this man own a hotel in the hospitality and tourism business??  Do you not pay for the toilet paper when you stay somewhere? Since when was it the guests responsibility to ensure outdoor furniture that is situated on the outdoor patio doesn’t get wet?

I have never had an experience where I had to justify why we used toilet paper at a hotel, never been spoken to like a child from a hotelier in such an accusatory manner.  We paid A LOT of money for this room, to which I pointed out however he slapped me back with a response that implied he doesn’t seem to think $175 is a lot of money.

This property is currently up for sale, and I think that is a good idea because this guy has lost his knack and his nerve.  It completely ruined our time up there and left us with an extremely bitter taste in our mouth about Ahipara.  I can only hope that the next owners will exercise their business power with HOSPITALITY in mind otherwise I will never return to this accommodation ever again.

3 days later………..

But wait it gets worse! Since we have left we have found out this man went NEXT DOOR to our friends batch, ripped into her and accused us of stealing his glasses to which we most definitely did not as our friend had individually picked us glasses to use at the wedding, accused my friend who’s wedding it was of using his place as a public toilet,  proceeded to tell her we used six rolls of toilet paper and made her say thank you for letting her get ready at his place.  He then proceeded to take glasses from my friends batch which I would most definitely call theft.  He also told my friend that we trashed the room.  I got up early in the morning to clean this room to the best standard of someone that’s paid $175 for someone else to clean it!  I put all the empty bottles in one area, put dishes on the sink and put towels on the floor in the bathroom as the sign told us to do.  I draw the line at making beds in a hotel.  Thats about as messy as it was.

But how  you even think it is ok to rip into the neighbour, someone who was not staying at your hotel is beyond  me.

I have never in my life paid good money to be made to feel like a theif, a rip off, an inconvenience, a bad person which he has made us both feel.

This guy has completley lost his mind and is an awful horrible grumpy accusatory old man.. I can only put ONE explanation as to why he would carry on like this and I will just put it right out there……..he doesn’t like brown people.


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  1. Am really sorry to hear about your experience!! All I can say is…the dude is definitely NOT local. I’d go so far as to say that kind of behaviour isn’t tolerated…which is probably why he’s gone out of business.

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  2. “This guy has completley lost his mind and is an awful horrible grumpy accusatory old man.. I can only put ONE explanation as to why he would carry on like this and I will just put it right out there……..he doesn’t like brown people.”

    Mmmmm… interesting article, sad that one person can make such an impact on people from outside Ahipara which by all accounts is a beautiful little township.

    Seriously – this chappy obviously loves BROWN people money. I would recommend to the person that they write a review on Trip Advisor – a lot of people read that site and hopefully the owner of the establishment should also be given an opportunity to reply to the persons compliant, it may help him to re-evaluate his lack of customer service skills.


    The World According To [E]

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  3. I think you should have had your wedding somewhere else and stayed away from the far north .its a beautiful place with lovely kind people who don’t trash places and expect a free ride pay up you sound like a moaning Jaffa.

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    1. If you had read properly it wasnt my wedding, I was a guest, staying next door to the wedding to which he rudely went over into THEIR house and took THEIR glasses……the next day. strange behaviour. I paid up, drove back to even pay for things we werent even sure we used just to get him to leave us alone. Im from up North too, live here, born and bred here and raise my children up here so your whole comment just speaks to no substance really.


  4. Wow i feel the need to apologise for that inappropriate behaviour and also inform you that not all people of Ahipara are like this, my grandmother and grandfather own Ahipara Sands Apartments and i garuntee you would not have been treated like that. That place hasnt even been in Ahipara for that long maybe 10 years. But i hope you do come back for a holiday and i hope yoir next experience is much more enjoyable.

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  5. Omg what an absolutely rude dude i would’ve had some very very strong words with him, your responses sounded extremely polite, he’s no local & hope one sour grape doesn’t put you off Ahipara. Heard the party whilst walking dog on beach sounded fabulous xx

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  6. I’m originally from Ahipara, this is just bullshit to read that someone in my home town would treat visitors like this, that miserable old c#nt gave a shit name and i bet I know who it is and ya know what??? Yup he don’t like dark people but I aint gonna sit back and let the c#nt treat people like that. He’s a miserable old drunk. I wouldn’t have paid nothing extra he be luck to keep a limb. Sorry about the way you were treated thats just gut wrenching to read, we aint all bad people here in Ahipara, yea we have bad apples but they moved into Ahipara they ain’t from here.

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  7. Thank you all for your wonderful responses and feedback! It makes me feel a million times better that others agree this was terrible service. I am also from the North (Whangarei) so am well aware this is not a reflection of what people are like up here but it saddens me that we have people out there behaving like this, especially in the far north! Nga mihi o nga whakaaro ki a koutou!
    PS: This is in the process of being edited for trip advisor where I am also a keen reviewer 🙂


  8. I did a little known thing called research on this place.
    173 Excellent, 12 very good, 1 Average and 3 Poor reviews.
    I would love to hear his side of the story because your review doesn’t add up with all the others.
    I smell bullshit and a moan because you wanted a refund before you even started.
    And to play the race card without a single ounce of evidence that there was a race issue?!?!
    How dare you throw around arrogance and try to tart it up as Mana!
    Get over yourself!!


    1. Dwayne, we also did our research too which is why we chose that place, also suprised there were not as many negative comments. No we were not bitter because we didn’t get a refund,we had to stay somewhere up there anyways and once we got there we were happy with the place and GLAD that we had paid the money because like I said it was beautiful. It was the treatment on checking out that was appalling! In no way am I throwing ‘mana’ around so please dont throw the language around without any evidence to back the random maori word you just threw in there for leverage of attempting to put me down. This post has been doing some major rounds on facebook and trust me, a lot of people out there have also had the same experience with this man. Like I had to explain to another lighter coloured hater on the web, you will never understand that ‘feeling’ you get until it has happened to you, Ive had it way too many times in my life and I know when someone is being dismissive, rude and accusatory to me because they are assuming I fit into some stereotype bracket that equals – “you’re maori, you must steal everything you can, dont look at me, dont even talk, i dont want to hear it.” I think it speaks more to your arrogance that you refuse to acknowledge that this occurs in our communities therefore bury your head in the sand and when someone calls someone out on it, we are the ones with an issues. Some of you just think we are making this up in our heads.

      I have been attempting to get something regarding this posted to trip advisor but as they are an American company, defamation is a lawsuit just one word out of line so am finding I am having to edit, re-edit and re-edit again just to get something over the line which is becoming frustrating which could possibly explain why this has not been raised on there.

      Appreciate your comments though.


    2. Everything about this post is extremely plausible considering this old guys cancellation conditions. They speak directly to the ‘quality’ of the stay. In other words, if you were a quality stay you would be pretty confident of filling the room with a weeks notice…after all it’s not like it was a mid-week stay was it.

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  9. Omg that is horrendous clearly that grumpy rude old bugger is not doing himself any favours and hospitality is definitely not his Fortay…..
    Unfortunately people like him exist he must be one unhappy person!
    I hope the wedding went well focus on the good time and the celebration of love❤


  10. Your post was shared on FB and this was a comment from a local who knows the cleaner of the place you stayed.

    There is more to this story that she has conveniently not said! Like:

    1) they booked the house right next door for accom for 10 people on holiday but actually had a wedding wth 80+ people! He saw all the vehicles and people! Of course he is going to ask if you have more guest! Can you Imagine your rented house with an extra 70 people without notice!

    2) 6 toilet rolls in 1 night is not only 3 women! He is angry because they used the toilet as an extra toilet for wedding guest to use from next door! When is it ever ok to do that! It’s not her house! She is only paying $175!!

    3) If you drank wine & beers from a mini bar then you have to pay! If you didn’t know it was missing then clearly the people from the wedding using the toilet took the alcohol! Alcohol can’t grow legs!

    4) I always read cancellations info and T&C’s before I book! Not after I have booked!

    5) They never returned all their wine glasses that they took next door to the wedding venue! I would kill if I had to go looking for them too!

    6) They used their sheets, blankets & spare blanket to cover the haybails for the wedding ceremony seats! They had to dry clean all their linen to get the hay out! When is it ok to do that when renting an apartment?!? This linen cost would be $70+! Leaving the owner with only $105 after expenses! Then you take away the alcohol, wine glasses plus add sewage & extra cleaning costs! At this rate he would go out of business!

    So given all the above, this girl is stupid if she can’t figure out why the owner was angry! I don’t even know the owner but I do know the cleaner which is why this write up irritates 😤 me to my core!!

    Tourism is a big part of our community that employees a lot of people! Stupid write ups like this cost people and families their jobs and income!

    $175 between 3 is a cheap night out!

    And he don’t like brown people! Grow up, that’s disgusting to assume!


    1. yeah I have heard this has gone viral on fb and also had this post forwarded to me. Trust me it is utter horse shit and I cant believe the lies this guy is continuing to stretch! Firstly, there is no cleaner, he told us himself and I quote “I service this room myself” when we drove back to pay for this ‘alcohol’ that disapeared and he was cleaning the room himself, so thats one lie right there.
      once again I reiterate, we never argued about the alcohol, even driving BACK to Ahipara to pay for it, so what criminal does that??
      We did not rent the house next door, that was the bride and groom and yes their 80 guests that they got cleared off by THE OWNER OF THAT HOUSE! This guy does not own that house nor has any input into what goes on there. You got an issue with what happened at that property, go and see that landlord. Not sure what that has to do with this guy.

      We did not take a single blanket out of this room, my friend took one blanket off a spare bed and put it on her bed in the main room because she was cold……..if he decided to dry clean everything for whatever reason, that is on him.
      We said there was 5 girls through the night, myself and my friend who hired the place…….and our three girlfriends that came over to get ready. once again, someone hasn’t read it properly.
      I was in bed by 1130pm I think I would of noticed if 70 people were coming through using the toilet and I think he would of noticed too considering his house is attached to the room we hired and has an adjoining door. If there was 70 people coming through using a toilet Im sure he would of come and said something at the time but we never heard a peep from him.

      I work for the ministry of justice, I dont talk crap nor would I put myself in a position to loose my job which would be doing something illegal like ‘WILFUL DAMAGE’ or ‘THEFT’ this guy is implying we have done.
      I make no apologies for writing a negative review, it was an extremely negative experience and if he has the nerve to continue to sit up there in the far north and make up stories about us, then dam right I am going to expose him for the horrid person he is. This is just ridiculous and unbelievable.


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