Local volunteer honoured at special police awards

Local volunteer Lynette Macdonald was honoured at a special awards ceremony by deputy commissioner, Viv Rickard and acting Northland area commander, Justin Rogers.

Viv Rickard presented a certificate of appreciation to MacDonald in front of volunteers, court staff and police officers at the Whangarei police station recognising her work in the north specifically within the court process.

Victim support are integrated with the police however this is the first time the work of victim support has been recognised with a police award said Rickard.

Lynette has been a volunteer with victim support for 14 years offering support to victims of crime. Her work has seen her assist a range of victims from burglary through to homicide.  She is often on hand at all hours of the night working with police and victims in crisis and assisting families through trials at the courts.

“Our victims are at the forefront of everything we do and Lynette works extremely closely with all our victims…it is work like this that needs to be recognised by not only the police but by the wider justice system,” Rogers said.

Lynette recently assisted police and the courts in providing exceptional support to a fragile young witness who was the key victim in a jury trial. She spent a weekend intervention with the victim supporting her when it was feared she would abscond and the trial would be aborted.

“I think the biggest satisfaction out of this job is helping victims through the court process, especially giving evidence. Seeing the change in victims before and after giving evidence and walking alongside them on their journey is truly special,” Macdonald said.

Victim support is a volunteer service providing support to victims of crime and trauma 24-hours a day during what may be the worst time in their life.

If you are in need of support contact 0800 842 846


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