Hātea – A Legacy of Choral

Placing second at this year’s Te Tai Tokerau regionals and securing a spot at Te Matatini 2019 representing the hapu of Ngāti Hau is Hātea. When local Whangārei mother Pauline Hopa left Te Waka Huia in 2000 she brought the dream home to create a local group based out of Pehiāweri marae at the request... Continue Reading →


The Martin Kaipo story – I’ve Done Things I Regret

Growing up in Otāngarei has seen social worker extraordinaire Martin Kaipo grow from a high ranking member of the Black Power to the manager of a successful community social services centre. Kaipo has seen it all. One of 12 children, raised by a single mother Kaipo said discipline was high on her list and living in Otāngarei in those days... Continue Reading →


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